Comes with everything needed except the reeds. Hard carrying case included. Used for one year. EUC.
Used black Oscar Schmidt by Washburn electric guitar. Good condition. Has upgraded single coil pick ups. Good starter guitar.
This is really nice guitar and case. It is a Yamaha SJ180 with a SKB hard case. They are both in excellent condition and look and sound great. Please check out the pictures and If interested please call Curtis at .
This Is as low as I can go 250. Nice custom modded Squire Strat with Sperzel locking tuners, Wilkerson trim new, Firefly Humbucker also new, copper lining in cavity, cut headstock, new neck plate and decals on front and back, diamond sparkle paint, firefly pick guard new, volume 5k strap locks and strap, case included. Really nice sounding guitar with mods 300. . text me no emails please 20five...
Mackie DL 1608 Ipad Digital Mixer with Router and IPAD 216 channel digital ipad mixer 30 pinIncludes a reset IPad 2Note the Ipad has a line through the display but does not affect functionality and is not noticeable when the app is open. You will just have to re download the Mackie App once you set up the IPad for yourselfIncludes a Netgear WGR614 v6 Router All Power Supplies Included except fo...
Apogee AE5 Speakers 6 pair available $399.00 per Pair Used in very good condition. These do not have an internal crossover and are bi- cabinets. You will need to run these with an electronic crossover. Max. Power Handling LF300W cont. 1200 W peak - HF150W cont. 600W peak. 8ohm each driver
Beautiful 1903 Kimball. Tiger oak. Some keys sticky, needs tuning, but in amazing shape. Had it 30 years and now deciding to part with it. Very heavy of course.
xcellent condition. Thinner neck makes this 12 string easy to play. Sounds fantastic. Yamaha makes quality instruments. Comes with beat up but well fitting SKB hard case.
Like new. Action is perfect. Sounds great Very good quality.DescriptionRecording Kings Dirty 30s 12-string dreadnought combines the classic jangle-y chorus of a 12-string with style right out of a 1930s mail-order catalog, perfect for players who want to add a cool, easy-to-play 12-string to the collection.The foundation of classic 12-string tone comes from the solid spruce top. A bone nut and ...
2004 Smith Custom Amp in excellent condition. Serial number 0002. Hand built in Montgomery, Alabama, all tube, tank reverb, and all point-to-point wiring. The cabinet is constructed from solid pine that was fitted with dove tail joints. I was told that this is basically a boutique built Deluxe Reverb circuit paired with 4 Jensen 10 inch speakers. Optional A or AB with a flip of a switch. Servic...
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1--Selling For $35.00 Retail $49.99-Not Including Shipping or TaxNo BoxDescriptionThis is one of my first pedals and I havent used it a whole lot. Its in working condition, but what amazing pedals can you buy for $50 brand new rightCondition Pretty Good
SKB PS-45 Pedalboard--Selling For $200.00 Retail $299.99No Longer In Stock Or Sold New-Not Including Shipping or TaxDescriptionI bought this pedalboard used, and I still dont regret it. I had to order all the 9v cables to power all my pedals which was unexpected, but fine with me.Its got scratches on the outside and where you put your pedals has some use to it, but still an awesome unit.Conditi...
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal--Selling For $90.00 Retail $99.99-Not Including Shipping or TaxBox IncludedDescriptionBought this at the beginning of summer last year. Its your standard volume pedal and I love it Condition Like New
Korg Pitch Black Advance Tuner--Selling For $70.00 Retail $89.99-Not Including Shipping or TaxBox IncludedDescriptionI love this tuner and it is so awesome. I bought this pedal around the beginning of last summer and it is definitely a pedal that I couldnt go without. Condition Like New
Electro-Hamornix The Silencer--Selling For $50.00 Retail $57.60-Not Including Shipping or TaxBox IncludedI bought this pedal around the beginning of last summer, and it works really good It does what a noise gate should do. Condition Like New
Fulltone OCD--Selling For $100.00 Retail $127.00-Not Including Shipping or TaxNo BoxDescriptionIve had this one more a little while, and It has a few scratches, but it works great and its an amazing pedalCondition Good
Electrico Harmonix POG 2--Selling For $240.00Retail $327.00-Not Including Shipping or TaxNo BoxDescriptionI bought this one used toward the beginning of last year. As you can tell from the pictures, there are a few scratches and dents, but works perfectly fine and its an awesome pedal.Condition Pretty Good